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“Keep going” – to make an effort to live normally when in a difficult situation.


In spite of the disruptions, there is a resolve to proceed rather than stop, settle, or get sidetracked. 

Abraham’s call in Genesis 12:1-3 included two imperatives…1) Go 2) Be a blessing.


Our call is the same, and when disruptions happen…Keep Going.


The challenge is when we are growing weary and full of doubts along the journey. What do we do then?

Genesis 14 is about a battle that Abraham won against an alliance of Kings who had taken Lot captive. After that battle Abraham is met by two Kings – the King of Sodom & the King of Salem.


Genesis 14:18-20…The King of Salem was Melchizedek. He was not only a King, but a priest, and he offered Abraham bread, wine, and a blessing. Also see Hebrews 7:1-4. Abraham humbled himself before this King and expressed gratitude. 


Genesis 14:21-24…The King of Sodom gave Abraham commands – “give me the people and keep the goods for yourself.” While Abraham had every right to the goods since he and his men won the battle, if Abraham had chosen this path then in that culture there would have been ties between Abraham and the King of Sodom. 

The King of Sodom appeared to offer more than Melchizedek, and at this point in the journey Abraham is growing weary and full of doubts. Abraham chose to keep going with God.


What about you? When you come to a crossroads in your life where one path is to keep trusting God and His ways, while the other path appears more rewarding yet it’s a compromise, what choice are you going to make? 


Keep journeying to know Him! Never lose sight of your call to go and be a blessing. Your witness is more important than your worries.


The journey is a faith journey.                   


You never know who or what hangs in the balance of your decision to keep going with God. 

We all need Melchizedek’s to come in our lives to remind us of God’s goodness, but never forget who Melchizedek represented – Jesus Christ!


Jesus is the ultimate King and Priest. Align yourself to Him!